Souls with Goals


WE DID IT!!! We connected, we reflected, we laughed, and some of us cried but most importantly, we became GOALFRIENDS! I can’t think of a more perfect way to bring in the new year! Each soul in the room inspired me more than words can express. The room was filled with so much genuine love, positivity and ambition! I’m so excited and I can’t wait for us to achieve our goals together in 2019 and beyond!

Sending a special THANK YOU to our wonderful keynote speaker, Ms. Landi Spearman. WOW!! What an incredible, motivational, and uplifting message she gave to all of us. I know I can speak for us all when I say she touched every heart and SOUL in the room. As she said, STAY CONNECTED. That is key. We are here for you!

If you missed the Souls with Goals Vision Board Brunch event, no fear! You can find the 2019 Souls with Goals worksheet template below for you to utilize. The purpose of this worksheet is to write down what you wish to accomplish this year. “In 2019 I will…” then brainstorm and write down what you need to do to accomplish your goals, “Steps to get there…” In addition to that, I have also uploaded the 2018 Reflection worksheet. This worksheet will give you the opportunity to reflect on your year in 2018 and how to improve yourself for a better 2019.