Conversations with Kayla

faithNever have, NEVER WILL. You cannot have faith and be fearful at the same time. You have to live your life by faith and move through your journey by trusting Him. I pray every day that He continues to guide my footsteps and I will continue to follow Him. “For I already know the plans I have for you” -Jeremiah 29:11. Often we worry about things that God has already worked out. He knows our every move and our future He already has planned out, so why continue to worry? In 2019 and beyond, let’s work towards placing that energy into believing in Him and growing a stronger relationship with Him. He shall never lead us astray. No journey is perfect and we will hit some bumps on the road, yes. But as he has promised us in His word, “No weapon formed against you shall prosper” -Isiah 54:17. He never said the weapons would never form, however you need to know that those weapons aimed at you won’t prosper in His name. Learn to cast your worries on Him, for the battle is not yours, it’s the Lord’s (one of my favorite tunes). There is a TEST in every TESTimony. Continue to follow in His light, obey His word, and trust and believe that your entire journey is all a part of His plan for you and a part of your growth process. I read a quote earlier and I feel compelled to share, it read, “As long as you stay close to God; your job, the person you marry, where you live, and what you do will all workout perfectly.” In closing, TRUST THE PROCESS but most importantly, TRUST HIM! linesmondaymotivation2018

12/10: Here’s some Monday motivation to get you through the week. Remain true to yourself! As LL Cool J once said, “Stay focused, go after your dreams, and keep moving toward your goals.” Become the best YOU that YOU can possibly be. Focus on yourself and your goals and ask God to guide your footsteps and you will see opportunities begin to manifest. Everything has a process, trust that process and trust yourself. You are more than capable, you are more than willing, and you are more than deserving of everything you are working towards. Stay focused on the end goal.



12/9: There is a story in every failure, there is a test in every testimony. The question is not whether you make mistakes, but how you react to them. You must take it as an opportunity to learn & grow. You must keep going and GO HARDER.linesimage-8

12/8: Once you learn to love yourself, you will learn your worth & you will never settle again.lines