Invent Yourself


Around this time 9 years ago, I was preparing to enter my senior year of high school. I remember feeling scared because everyone seemed to know what they wanted to do and I didn’t have a clue. 9 years later and I’m entering my senior year of college. At the age of 24, I decided I wanted more for myself and that I deserved more. I knew what I had inside of me, I just needed to find the courage to tap into my full potential, and be willing to drastically transform myself to become the woman that I knew I was capable of becoming. Once I eliminated my fears, I hit the ground running and I’ve been going non-stop ever since (LITERALLY). I don’t allow anyone or anything stand in my way. If there’s ever a NO, I find a way to my YES.

I’ve been given an abundance of opportunities through my journey as a young professional & leader that the young girl at 17 years old who graduated from high school without a clue would have never thought she was capable of doing. If someone were to tell the 17 year old me as I walked across that graduation stage fearful of my future that I’d be doing all that I’m doing now and all that I’m preparing myself to do, I wouldn’t have believed them and in fact, I would’ve thought they were crazy. But.. GOD knew the plans he had for me. He knew all along my struggles and my journey would lead me to this very moment and shape me to be the woman that I am today. Every battle I have faced is a part of my story and now I am given opportunities through my platform to share those stories in hopes to share light with people from all different walks of life. I am truly blessed. Sometimes I have to stop in the moment to take it all in & say to myself, “Girl, this is just the beginning. We’re just getting started!”

Never be afraid to change your life if you don’t like the direction it’s headed. You are the captain of your destiny. If you don’t like where your life is headed, you have full control to turn it around. Do not fear failure. It is not easy to transform your life but, the only person who can stop you and that will stand in your way is YOU. Again, DO NOT FEAR FAILURE. Fear should only come with you remaining comfortable and living with regret. Learn to fail forward meaning, fail and keep moving forward towards your goals. Take each failure as an opportunity to learn and grow. So, I just have one question for you….. Are you willing to reinvent yourself to become the person you were meant to become? The choice is yours.

“Invent yourself and then reinvent yourself, don’t swim in the same slough. Invent yourself and then reinvent yourself and stay out of the clutches of mediocrity. Invent yourself and then reinvent yourself, change your tone and shape so often that they can never categorize you. Accept what is, but only on the terms that you have invented and reinvented. Be self-taught and reinvent your life because you must; it is your life and it’s history and the present belongs only to you. — Charles Bukowski